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Hello and welcome to the revised version of my website. It’s taken a while for me to get used to the notion of such shameless self-promotion. Several years ago, seeing that some writers of my acquaintance had set up their own ‘author’ sites, I told my husband and friends to shoot me if I ever did the same thing. Here we are, not too many years later, and everybody and her auntie has a web presence. In fact, I wish my auntie DID have a site or blog. It would be highly amusing, and we’d be able to check, in seconds, what she had bought every morning at Marks and Spencer. What better use of the interwebumalator or tinterweb - as my sister calls it.
And here I am, on my second version of my author website. Oh, the modern world!

This site includes links to booksellers like Waterstones and Amazon, where my novels can be bought, for practically nothing, in some cases. Indeed, there are wee men across the country, working around the clock, in order to invent smaller fractions of a penny, so that books, in general, can be sold for even less on Amazon.

Meanwhile, I have begun work on a new novel. More about which, later. Much later, if my past performances are anything to go by. Like the manatee, I am prone to slow gestation.

I hope that you enjoy engaging with this website. I can’t take credit for any of it and can only say thanks to Nigel Paine, Master of the Universe, for his kindness and wisdom, and to Lucy Mulvagh for her expertise and efficiency in launching and maintaining the thing. I look forward to your comments and, of course, your Observations.

Latest News

Faber and Faber will publish Jane's third novel - SUGAR MONEY - in October 2017! 

Based on a true story, SUGAR MONEY is billed as "a heartbreaking trip into our troubled colonial past." It follows two slave brothers sent on a mission from Martinique to Grenada in order to recover the 42 slaves their French master claims were stolen by English invaders. 

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