And the winner is…

The judges have finished their deliberations and chosen the three finalists in the Sugar Money Selfie Competition. There was much debate about whether animal pictures should be included (there were a lot of animal pictures) and about what constituted a selfie. In the end, non-humans were out and the judges decided to be very strict about the Selfie form i.e. the photograph had to be taken by the subject.

Here are the winners (click on any of the images to see a larger view):

In third place, Niki Timson Esson of Maldon, Essex

Jane Harris Selfie Competition: Niki Timson Esson

Judges comment: Cleverly positions subject and book on an equal plane, lovely. 

In 2nd place, Douglas Motion, currently of Bahrain

Jane Harris Selfie Competition - Douglas Motion

Judges comment: Geographically articulate and stylistically playful, with witty references to both Greer and Sontag, centring on an enigmatic smile that shows wisdom and secret knowledge.

In 1st place, Kraig Thornber, of London

Jane Harris Selfie Competition - Craig Thornber

Judges comment: deft handling of the Selfie form, intimate and becoming, luring the viewer into a literary threesome. 

Congratulations to all three winners. Prizes to follow.