Once Upon A Life

I’d always wanted to be an actor, but crippling stage fright, a “startling lack of charisma” and the horrors of the alternative comedy circuit in the early 80s finally proved too much for me.

Writing ‘The Observations’

How long does it take to write a novel? One year? Two years? Twelve? Are you kidding? Well – no, not really. In April this year, my first novel The Observations was published. I actually began writing this book in 1993. Had I known then that it would take 13 years before I’d see it in print, I might well have given up before I’d even begun. But, along the way, I’ve learned a few personal rules about writing. And my first rule is: never give up.

Don’s Diary

Wednesday. Visit Johnny in C wing. C is for sex-offenders, segregated from other prisoners for their own safety. Johnny is 70, an educated, intelligent man. “I’m a paedophile,” he an nounced grandly on our first meeting. His life story, written with undeniable wit and perception, explores his preference for B.O.Y.S. (Bloom Of Youth Syndrome). Even though I’m a woman, he tolerates my editing attempts. A cheery screw unlocks the cell, calls out: “Johnny Rotten?” Johnny performs a pantomime leap from his bed. “l deny everything,” he cries. “I demand to see my solicitor.”